Investor Rigour.Investment Diligence.

Proserpine Capital Partners offer a variety of specialist investment and advisory services.

Proserpine Capital Partners Pty Ltd (“PCP”) AFSL: 412935 was formally established in January 2011 for the purpose of providing private investment  and investment management services to wholesale customers and advisory services.

PCP presently has a broad investor group with a material level of capital committed and available for investment.

The founding shareholders of PCP have extensive expertise in investment banking and private equity built over many years. Such skills and expertise are expected to benefit wholesale investors and advisory clients.

PCP seeks to offer the highest quality investment management services to its investors.

PCP offers advisory services for select clients seeking strategic and/or capital structure advice.

PCP’s Philosophy

PCP maintains a dedicated management team that undertakes rigorous due diligence with respect to investment opportunities and investment on behalf of its investor partners as well as comprehensive reporting on investment performance to investor partners.

Investor Rigour

As in intellectual rigour: that there be no double standards allowed and uniform principles are applied.

As in intellectual honesty: questioning assumptions without blind application.

Investment Diligence

Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking, steady effort, and attentive care.

PCP’s Business Model

PCP’s business model covers two key areas:

- Private investment and investment management, and

- Advisory services.

Being an ‘owner,’ representing a highly credentialed group of private investors, enables PCP to understand what being an owner means. Hence, we believe we are well placed to understand your requirements.

PCP can assist your business with:

Corporate and strategic advice.

Capital structuring – debt and equity requirements.

Acquisitions and divestitures.

Business planning and execution.

Generational change.

Latest News

Chicken farmer ProTen, big super close $350m deal

ProTen is responsible for farming about 11 per cent of the country's chicken meat.

ProTen is responsible for farming about 11 per cent of the country’s chicken meat. 

Source: Australian Financial Review

The country’s biggest independent chicken farmer ProTen has been gobbled up by a cashed-up domestic superannuation investor.

As first reported by Street Talk, ProTen and NSW-based First State Super have signed a deal which would see the $90 billion superannuation manager take control of the business and its substantial property portfolio.

It’s understood FSS Agriculture, an entity owned by First State Super and managed by ROC Partners, is preparing to write a cheque worth about $350 million including debt.

Sources said the talks came after ProTen, advised by Fort Street Advisers and law firm Clifford Chance, sounded out a handful of superannuation investors about making an investment.

First State Super is one of Australia’s largest profit-for-member financial services organisations, with more than 800,000 members and clients.

ROC is an alternative investment manager specialising in private equity and agricultural investments in the Asia Pacific Region. It most recently formed a consortium with Wattle Hill to bid for ASX-listed Capilano Honey.

ProTen develops and operates broiler chicken farms in Australia, producing about 68 million birds or 11 per cent of the country’s chicken meat market. It has long term supply agreements with Inghams Group’s major rival Baiada Poultry.

The company is listed on New Zealand’s “Unlisted” trading platform and has been on a busy building spree, opening a new chicken shed every 7 days in the 2017 financial year.

ProTen’s financial results reflect its growing footprint. The company recorded $40.3 million revenue in the 2017 financial year, up from $31.3 million one year earlier. Its operating profit was $13.5 million, up from $10.1 million, while its profit after tax and gains on investment property was $18.3 million.

The biggest number in ProTen’s accounts is its property portfolio, which was worth $264.8 million at June 30 last year. The portfolio included $248 million in properties built and $17 million in sites under construction.